8x More Light Coverage Than Any Other Headlamp On The Market

This is why most flashlights suck...

Ever since the invention of LED technology, flashlights haven’t changed one bit.

Regular headlamps have a narrow field of illumination, meaning you can only see right in front of you... not what’s going on around you, which is a big disadvantage for many outdoor activities in the dark.

Jonathan, a professional caver and the founder of this company, knew these limitations all too well and realized most flashlight brands lack any real technological innovation.

With an ingenious idea and a background in engineering, he took matters into his own hands and started working on a prototype...

Right now, 2 years later, we are proud to present to you, FlexBeam!

Meet The FlexBeam

The FlexBeam is the first of its kind – The world’s widest LED headlamp offering you 230° of bright continuous illumination with unrivaled light coverage. The wide viewing angle allows you to get the best light coverage in dark areas. Its versatile and comfortable design and unique features make it perfect for outdoor activities or people with a passion for woodworking, handy work, construction, and home repairs.


Experience Max Light Coverage

Powered by the latest COB LED technology that delivers 1200 lumens, the FlexBeam provides you better and wider light coverage than any other flashlight or headlamp on the market.

Wave sensor motion control

You can easily control the FlexBeam by waving your hand around the sensor. The light will instantly turn on or off. In addition, the wide-beam design allows for bright continuous light coverage. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate different areas.

Powerful side beam

Powered by XPE LED technology that delivers powerful light coverage up to 200m in distance. The side beam has adjustable brightness and strobe functions.

Adjustable headband

The FlexBeam has a fully adjustable and flexible headband that fits any size head, hard hat, and even helmets. Thanks to its small size, it won’t bounce on your head, ensuring superb wearing comfort all day long for any type of user, no matter the activity.

Rechargeable via USB type C

The FlexBeam charges with lightning speed via a USB Type C connection. You can recharge the battery simply with your phone charger, power bank, car charger, or laptop. The battery easily lasts up to 8 hours on the highest brightness and much longer on the low setting.

Minimalistic Design

The FlexBeam has a sleek design that you’ll love. It’s low profile, comfortable, and lightweight while providing extremely powerful light coverage for the best night adventure lighting experience.

FlexBeam Features

FlexBeam is the first and only brand that offers all these unique features at a surprisingly affordable price.

Wide-Beam Technology

Our patented 230° Wide-Angle LED-Beam Technology provides never-before-seen light coverage.

Motion Sensor

No touch, on-off sensor for super-fast hands-free operation.

Powerful COB LED Technology

Next-Gen LED flexible strip technology with a Max Output of 1200 Lumens.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Dimmable Side & Front Light with multiple brightness settings.

Comfortable And Lightweight

Lighter than any other headlamp, balanced Zero-Bounce design, fully adjustable headband, drop and shock-resistant, and IPX4 Waterproof.

Powerful Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable via USB Type C. The battery easily lasts 8 hours on the highest brightness.

Get the FlexBeam for $39.99 instead of $100

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about FlexBeam. Many people from all over the world are already using FlexBeam’s wide-beam LED technology and have shared their experiences with us.


This is really bright. It can be blinding to others, so watch out! I love how well I can see with it on. You can switch between the light strip or the bulb on the side for spotlighting specific areas. There is a touchless sensor to turn the light on and off by waving your hand. The headband is very lightweight and easy to adjust to different head shapes. I’m surprisingly comfortable wearing it. It’s so much easier to wear this headband than to hold a flashlight, leash, and umbrella in the rain. This way, I don’t have to juggle as many items when walking my dog.


Phenomenal head torch! Very bright! Several brightness modes! Spotlight. Strobe light. The ability to turn on and off with a wave of your hand! The soft, flexible material does not slip when running because it’s light! I would recommend this!


This is a great little headlight. The main wide-beam light is extremely bright and can almost light a room up as if the regular lights were on. It works great for something like crawling around in an attic, running at night, or working under a vehicle. There’s also a cool motion sensor feature that lets you turn the light on and off by waving your hand in front of it. This is definitely the best headlamp you’re going to find for such a low price.


Delivery took longer than expected... With that said, this headlight works great for when I am on a night shoot on a film set. The sidelight is perfect for low light when I need to see the equipment. It folds away easily and stays charged for hours depending on use. With the wave of my hand, I can turn it on and off. Lightweight and great value.


Awesome light. Perfect for home use or on a camping trip. It’s very bright and lasts a good while.


Bought two! These are the best headlamps I’ve purchased over the years. I’ve used one for about 6 hours straight on one occasion while doing a repair under my car, and I had no issues. If you’re working with dirty hands, the motion sensor comes in very handy.


Worth every penny!! Bright, comfortable, easy to use! I’m finally able to ride my horse at night, and it lights up our entire path. Fabulous purchase.


My husband is often still working when the sun goes down. This headlamp is super bright and allows him to see what he’s doing after sunset. It has different lighting options, and each option has multiple settings. It’s easy to cycle through the options and choose adequate brightness. Comfortable to wear and lightweight to pack and store. 5 stars!


Absolutely love this head torch. I originally bought one for my boyfriend for Christmas, and now I plan on buying one for myself and my brothers. Very lightweight, powerful, and extremely easy to use.